My Story

As a child growing up in Panama, I remember looking at books that showcased different cities and skylines of the world. I looked through every page, mesmerized; but one photo, in particular, was very intriguing to me. It was a shot of a busy highway in Panama City at night. How did they get those white streaks on one side of the shot, and red streaks on the other? And, where were the actual cars?

Since then, I’ve been fascinated with this ‘blur’ and ‘movement’ effect, always trying to capture the feeling that first inspirational photo gave me. It was that photo that planted a seed in my head about the wonders of photography.

Soon thereafter, I began pursuing photography as a hobby. I took photos of lighthouses, trees, architecture, landscapes and, of course, skylines with car streaks. At that time, I never imagined that one day photography would become my career. In 1998, I earned my degree in Commercial Photography from the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology in Dayton, Ohio. I then moved to Chicago where I thought I could land a job right away. Not quite!

Working your way up is always a humbling experience, but it turned out it was also a great way to learn the business. Sometimes “photography” actually means mopping or vacuuming floors, carrying heavy cases, burning your fingers on hot bulbs, and running around to labs. But – finally – I got a big break: an opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious architectural photography firms, Hedrich Blessing Photographers. This is where I learned my craft.

And, I’ve continued to hone that craft over the years. Since 2003, I’ve been doing it as Patsy McEnroe Photography. Today, I’m fortunate to count some of the world’s largest architectural design firms; strongest international hotel brands; and multi-million-dollar real estate development firms among my clients.

I love my job!

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